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It all started in 1981 with the Teamsters’ own personnel and the Warehouse division. The Teamsters Canadian Pension Plan (TCPP) fund was then worth less than $400,000. The first member to retire from the plan did so the next year, in 1982.

As of January 1, 2005, the TCPP fund has a market value in excess of 460 million dollars. There are now nine divisions and over 8,300 members, retirees and beneficiaries – evidence of a rapid and significant growth.

Are you a part of the TCPP, one of the largest pension plans in Canada?

Message from Louis Lacroix, Chairman of the Board
Seeing the TCPP happen when it did was an inspired move by Teamsters leaders.Replique Montre De Breitlinghttp://www.btkd.co.uk/personal.php?p=patek-philippe-replica-replica-watches.html For me personally, seeing the TCPP grow over the...
In the beginning
Pension plans are often described as complex structures that can only be understood by specialists. In 1981, the Canadian Brotherhood of Teamsters recognized the need to create a simple, easy-to-understand plan. At the time, there were ...
Main objectives of the TCPP Board of Trustees
To providecheap replica watches a simple cost-effective way for members employed in smaller organizations to secure good pension benefits by negotiating employer contributions (through a variety of formulas) to the Duons sale http:/...
A bright future
What does the future hold for the TCPP? All indications are that it will continue to provide its members with a service and a pension benefit they cannot do without. Long gone are the days when ahttp://fill1.com/breitling/http://www.b...
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